Drainage and Filtering Aggregates
Drainage Aggregates & Filtering Aggregates

D J Grab Services supply and deliver drainage aggregates and filtering aggregates throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at very competitive prices, charging per tonne or on a load basis. Using our fleet of 'Green' and efficient Tipper and Grab lorries we deliver to most locations at low cost with minimal environmental impact.

Whichever drainage aggregates, pipe bedding aggregates and filtering media you need, D J Grab services will ensure that your deliveries are made on time, and within budget.



Typically used under paving slabs and block paving as paving sand. EcoSand is a recycled glass product and sustainable alternative to sharp washed sand.
  Drainage aggregates
2/6mm Limestone Bedding Aggregate

2/6mm Limestone

Used in permeable paving systems including paving slabs and block paving as the bedding layer.
4/20mm Washed Limestone Aggregate

4/20 Washed Limestone

Used for permeable paving systems as a sub-base layer.
Pipe Bedding Aggregates
4/20mm Graded Aggregate 4/40mm Graded Aggregate

Graded Aggregate 4/20mm - 4/40mm

For use in drainage trenches and soakaways.
Single Sized Aggregate

Single-sized Aggregate 4/10mm - 10/20mm - 20/40mm

Typically used for pipe bedding and surrounds.
40mm Gravel / Shingle

40mm Gravel / Shingle

Used for soakaways, larger diameter pipe bedding, vibro-piling and landscaping.
Reject Stone / Shingle

Reject Stone / Shingle

Recycled and screened stone of no fixed specification. Generally plus 40mm in size. Used for soakaways and infill to improve drainage.
Filter Media
20/40 Limestone

Type A

Based on BS EN 13285, a 0/20mm unbound mixture.
Filter Media Type B 20/40mm Gravel

Type B

To BS EN 13242, a 20/40mm single size aggregate used in simple sub-soil drainage systems.